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17/06/2014 Australia FDC 100th Anniversary King George V Stamps miniature sheet

17/06/2014 Australia FDC 100th Anniversary King George V Stamps miniature sheet
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Australian First Day Cover 17 June 2014 100th Anniversary King George V Stamps miniature sheet. The First Day Cover is unaddressed with a special cancel related to the issue.

This issue commemorates the centenary of the issue of the 'KGV' head, one of the most popular collecting areas of Australian philately.

With a change in political power, from Labour to Liberal, in 1913 the new Postmaster General took steps to replace the Kangaroo and Map stamp with one featuring the British King. The design was based on a version of the winning entry of the 1st prize winner of the 1910 competition for a new Australian stamp. This design was printed using engraved or intaglio plates produced from a hand-engraved die and transfer roll onto a plate. The design is engraved into the die so the inked image is produced by that portion of the plate sunk below the surface. This was a costly skilled job and as the First World War had broken out, impossible to maintain. The process was changed to letterpress where printing is done directly on the inked, raised surface of the printing plate which was easier and cheaper to maintain. However, it was not possible to produce the finer detail of the original engraved plates so a simplified version of the design was produced, the sideface issue. The sideface stamps were in product between 1914 and 1938, when King George V was succeeded by his son George VI.
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