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Australian Kangaroo Stamps

1948 Cover with Aust Base P.O (ABPO) No. 8 C cancel (HML/42)

1948 Cover with Aust Base P.O (ABPO) No. 8 C cancel
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1948 Envelope with Aust Base P.O (ABPO) No. 8 C cancel on BCOF 3d overprint.

8 Base Postal Unit, or a major part thereof, reached Kure on the Stamford Victory, on 22 February 1946 and its operational centre, 8 Base Postal Office, was functioning a few days later. The BPO was originally located in the docks at Kure then moved to Tokyo and from there exercised control of all relevant Australian army PO's until the Australian Forces final withdrawal in 1957. As at March 1946 the record indicates that the "A" datestamp was in the registration section of the BPO; "B" was in the parcels section, "C" in reserve and "D" in the letter section. By 1 August 1946 "A" was still in the registration section; "B" had moved to reserve, "C" was in the parcels section and "D" still in the letter section. The position shown as at 10 April 1947, the last for which this kind of record has been ascertained, was that "A" was still in registration; "B" had moved to the parcels section, "C" was in the mail room and "D" in reserve.

Few marks and light creases other good condition.
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