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ACSC B106 A.f. 1967 50c Booklet (ABA/190)

Australian Advertising Booklet ASCS B106 A.f. 1967 50c Booklet (ABA/190)
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10 x 5c on 4c Red Queen Elizabeth II (SG 414). Edition V67/2: Two insert pages; edition no. on outside back cover. Booklet panes with "9 x 4 in. and/51/4 x 31/4 in./ envelopes/speed/your mail" slogan. With variety 'recut lower line of left eye' on 2 panes.

Condition: Fine

0. Blank
64. Stotts, commencing "Mail this coupon today and win
65. Stotts, commencing "Look down this list . . ."
6. Linguaphone Institute Pty. Ltd.
76. Commonwealth Bank, commencing "Join our Christmas Club. .
0. Blank
16e. Olympic Tyres and Batteries, commencing "Get more miles "

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