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Australian Kangaroo Stamps

ACSC B139 B.d. 1972-73 70c Prime Ministers Booklet (ABA/342)

Australian Advertising Booklet ASCS B139 B.d. 1972-73 70c Prime Ministers Booklet (ABA/342)
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20 x 7c Famous Australians (SG 505-08). Edition V71/3: Three insert page; edition no. on outside back cover

Condition: Fine

86. Directories (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., commencing "Advertise for action! in . .
18e. P.M.G. Department Rates of postage within Australia,
19e. P.M.G. Department Surface mail postage overseas, I Oc basic letter postage
82. Stotts, commencing "Win success by study with. . ."
81. Stotts, commencing "Take this simple step today for
6. Linguaphone Institute Pty. Ltd.
20. Directories (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. commencing "Advertising space . . ."
92. Trent Mind & Memory Development Pty. Ltd.
79. Postcode with envelope "Mr. John Brown . . ."

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