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AUS SG4860-3 Banksias self-adhesive set of 4 from booklet (exSB599)

Australian Stamps SG4860-3 Banksias self-adhesive set of 4 from booklet (exSB599)
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2018 Banksias self-adhesive set of 4 from booklet (exSB599)

The stamps feature the genus Banksia a group of woody evergreens that ranges from prostrate shrubs to upright trees of up to 25 metres, with diverse foliage and large, complex flower heads. Of the 173 species in the Banksia genus, all but one are endemic to Australia. The Banskia featured are:

Banksia speciose; which occurs naturally on the south coast of Western Australia, between east Mt Barren to Point Culver.
Banksia grossa; the natural occurrence of this fire-resistant species is limited to around Eneabba and Regans Ford, north of Perth.
Banksia coccinea; which occurs naturally from Albany to Esperance in Western Australia.
Banksia cuneate; occurs around Quairading, Brookton and Cuballing, in Western Australia.

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