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Australian WWII Civil Censor Covers
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Australian Stamps, Specialist Items, First Day Covers, Postal Stationery, Booklets, Maximum Cards, Framas, Presentation Packs, Stamps Replica Cards and Year Books

Select from our comprehensive range of general Australian Stamps, including sets, miniature sheets, strips, booklet stamps, postage dues; specialist Australia philatelic items including varieties, imprint blocks, plate blocks, offsets, missing colours, coil stamps, coil joins and much more; and other Australian philatelic material

Australian General Stamps
Australian stamps, sets, strips, self-adhesive stamps from booklets, rolls and sheetlets, miniature sheets, postage dues, counter printed stamps and stamp reprints 1913 to date including new issues
Australian Specialist Stamps
Specialist Australian philatelic items including varieties and flaws, imprint blocks, plate blocks, specimens, inverted watermarks, missing colours etc; postage due blocks and varieties
Australian First Day Covers
Australia FDCs: Wesley, Royal, Excelsior, Gutherie, Parade, Art Craft, Wide World, Illustrated early covers as well as official Australia Post FDCs, including new issues
Australian Postal Stationery
Australia postal stationery, aerogrammes, postal envelopes, letter cards, letter sheets, military envelopes, newspaper wrappers, postal cards & registration envelopes
Australian General Booklets
Australia Booklets from 1927 including KGV and KGVI booklets, stamp show overprints, Prestige (Premium) Booklets, Koala & Roo reprints and all new issues
Australian Specialist Booklets
Australian Booklets including military booklets and booklet varieties; includes a comprehensive selection of Advertising Booklets 1960-1973
Australian Maximum Cards
Australia Stamps on a matched postcard. Australian Maximum Cards also cover a wide range of thematic themes including animals and birds, famous people, ships and aircraft...
Australian BCOF Japan Stamps
Stamps overprinted British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan 1946-49. Issued during the time the Australian Army occupied Japan, as part of a Commonwealth force, after Japan's surrend at the end of WWII.
Australian Cinderellas
Cinderellas for Australian Stamp Shows, Charity and Fund Raising, Emergency Mail, Local Railway Stamps, National Stamp Week, Poster Stamps, Scout & Guides, Souvenir Labels, Stamp Societies and Wine Labels
Australian Commemorative Postmarks on Cover
Commemorative postmarks on official, illustrated and plain covers Includes registered items
Australian Year Books, Framas, Stamp Replica Cards & Counter Printed Stamps
Australian Year Books, Australian Framas, Australian Stamp Replica Cards, Australian Counter Printed Stamps, Australian Box Link Labels & Australian Across Town Labels
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