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Australia SG56 ACSC 66(6)q. KGV Head ½d Orange block of 6 (AHSMP/104)

SG 56 ACSC 66(6)n. KGV Head ½d Orange block of 6
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Australian ½d Orange King George V, 1923-1938. Single Watermark (Type 2). Perf. 14.2 Single-line. ACSC 66(6)q.

With variety "Breaks in right frame opposite value tablet". Electro 6. Position 6R54.

Other platable flaws on:

47.Shading in oval:break in 7th line (counting down) below and to left of I of AUSTRALIA.
60. Left frame: break opposite lowest wattle leaf 8.75mrn from top

Unmounted Mint. Mounted in margin, couple of small holes in margin, small mark and bend on 47.
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