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KGV 2022 Catalogue

Australia SG98 ACSC 99(2)l. KGV Head 2d Red-Brown block of 6 (AHSMP/525)

SG 98 ACSC 99(2)j. KGV Head 2d Red-Brown block of 6
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Australian 2d Red-Brown King George V, die II, 1928-1930. Small Multiple Watermark (Type 5). Perf. 13½ x 12½. ACSC 99(2)l.

With variety "Roman nose". Plate 2. Position 2R31. Plated as 31-32, 37-38, 43-44

Other platable flaws on:

2R31. ROMAN NOSE (SHIFTED TRANSFER) The nose of the King deformed, giving it a "Roman" appearance. Small amount of doubling of the nose's outline. The throat line of the King's head has a vertical cut (split). The left frame is very thin and rough on the outside. The letters "AUSTRALLA" show signs of doubling but at their left sides as do the jewels and ornaments in the crown. This is the strongest shifted transfer of both Plates I and III.
2R38. a Crown Top: Lower than normal sloping down from right to left. Both sides are curved, giving the comers a pointed appearance. z1 S.W. Corner: Compartment marks close to the lower frame.
2R43. a Crown Top: Slopes gently down from left to right. Both sides are curved in giving the two comers a pointed appearance, the base being broader than the top.
2R44. a Crown Top: The top of the crown top is slightly dished. The left comer has a notch going down halfway. On the edge is a vertical compartment line. z1 N.E. Corner: Small vertical compartment mark to the right of the comer. z2 S.E. Corner: 1mm long compartment mark centrally below comer.

Mounted on top two stamps only, small tone spot on stamp 31.
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