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Australian 1d Red King George V 1918-24 Large Multiple Watermark Varieties - Used

This is our specialist 1d Red Large Multiple Watermark - Used section. For other used varieties click here, for mint 1d Red KGV Heads varieties, imprint blocks etc click here and for single KGV Heads please click here.

Australia SG50 ACSC 74(3)n. KGV Head 1d Carmine (AHSUP/348)
With variety "Thinned left frame" - VI/22
Price: £75.00
Australia SG50 ACSC 74(4)g. KGV Head 1d Carmine (AHSUP/353)
With variety "Nick near top of left frame" - VII/32
Price: £67.50
Australia SG50 ACSC 74(4)vb. KGV Head 1d Carmine (AHSUP/358)
With variety "Run "N" of "ONE" - third state" - VIII/60
Price: £75.00
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