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Australian Stamp Booklets

This is our general Australian Booklet section covering booklets from 1927 to date, booklets shown in the 1927 to 1948 are individually listed and illustrated.  Also see our specialist booklets including Military Post Booklets and Advertising Booklets.

Booklets 1927-1948
Range of early booklets, 1927 to 1948, including Canberra, King George V and VI booklets
Booklets 1949-1989
Australian Stamp Booklets 1948 to 1989 including wax interleaves and koala reprints, SG SB29 to SG SB68
Booklets 1990-1999
Australian Stamp Booklets 1990 to 1999 including koala reprints, SG SB69 to SG SB133
Booklets 2000-2004
Australian Stamp Booklets 2000 to 2004 including koala reprints, SG SB 134 to SG SB 178
Booklets 2005-2010
Australian Stamp Booklets 2005 to 2010
Booklets 2011-2015
Australian Stamp Booklets 2011 to 2015
Booklets 2016-2020
Australian Stamp Booklets 2016 to 2020
Booklets 2021 to date
Australian Stamp Booklets 2016 to date including all new issues
Australian Prestige Booklets
Australian prestige booklets, 1998 to date, include special stamp combinations, postcards, stickers and information and illustrations on the subject of the stamps
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