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Stamps of Australia

This section covers basic Australian stamps and sets, sheetlets and miniature sheets from 1913 to date including the latest new issues.Specialist Australian stamps including varieties and imprint blocks etc can be found by clicking here

Australian Kangaroo & Map Series
Kangaroo and Map Series - the definitive Australian Stamp!
Australian KGV Engraved Stamps
Australian King George V 1913-1914 KGV Engraved Stamps - SG 17, 17c, 19 - singles and sets, individually listed, described and illustrated
Australian KGV Heads
Australia King George V Sideface Series 1914 to 1936
Australian KGV Commemoratives
Australian King George V commemorative stamps, including Kingsford Smith Airmail, Lyrebird, 1932 Kookaburra, Silver Jubilee and the other GV issues of 1927 to 1936
Australian KGVI Stamps
Australia King George VI definitives and commemorative stamps from 1937 to 1952
Australian QEII Pre-Decimals
Australia Queen Elizabeth II definitive and commemorative stamps from 1953 to 1965
Australian Decimals
Australian Stamps from 1966 to date including booklet stamps and miniature sheets; all new issues
Australian Reduced Price Offers KGVI - Decimals
Reduced price items - These stamps have faults or imperfections. This means we cannot sell them at full price but you will be able to fill that gap at a budget price!
Australian Postage Dues
Australian postage dues, issued between 1902 and 1960. Includes upright watermarks and different dies
Australia Official (OS) Stamps
Australian Official Service (OS) Stamps, issued between 1913 and 1933, with a perfin or overprint OS indicating the stamp was for official use only
Australia Stamp Reprints
Australia Stamp Reprints - The use of marginal emblems (Koalas and Kangaroos) to indicate a reprint of stamps was introduced in 1988 and is currently still in use
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