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Australian WWII Civil Censor Covers
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Australian Postal Stationery

All items in this Australian postal stationery section are listed using catalogue numbers from The Australian Stamp Catalogue (ASC) from Seven Seas Stamps.

Australian Aerogrammes
Australian Airletters, Aerogrammes and International Prepaid Envelopes (IPPEs) issued from 1944 to date
Australian Food Parcel Labels
Myers and Department of Agriculture Stamped-to-Order Parcel Labels
Australian Letter Cards
Australian Letter Cards, 1911 to 1985 including King George V scenic panels
Australian Letter Sheets
Australian Letter Sheets, prepaid for internal use issued between 1961 and 1967
Australian Military Envelopes
Australian Military Envelopes, wartime issues for correspondence from service personnel, to service personnel or for prisoners of war
Australian Newspaper Wrappers
Australian Newspaper Wrappers with special reduced rates for posting newspapers, issued between 1911 and 1980
Australian Postal Cards
Australian post cards with prepaid postage sold over the post office counter, issued from 1911
Australian Prepaid Envelopes
Australian postal stationery envelopes issued with prepaid postage from 1911 to date
Australian Registration Envelopes
Australian registration or registered envelopes; prepaid envelopes including registration fee issued between 1913 and 1967
Australia States Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery items from Australian States including South Australia Newspaper Wrappers and Victoria Newspaper Wrappers
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