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Australian Privately Issued Airletters and Aerogrammes

Permit form references are from Neil Cornish's "The Private Issues" A Study into the Privately Issued Australian Airletters and Aerogramme Issues of 1946 to 1966

Australian Private Aerogramme Cornish 21.9: Permit 21 1960 - Used (APAP/22)
Designated Printer Sands & McDougall, Melbourne. Australian Commemorative Postmarks BOND No:084A.12.60 dated 11/03/1960
Price: £6.50
Price: £5.00
Australian Private Aerogramme Cornish 47.1: Permit 47 1958 - Used (APAP/25)
Designated Printer Philatelic Exhibition Council, NSW
Price: £6.00
Australian Private Aerogramme Decimal Issue: Permit 2 1969 - Used (APAP/35)
Designated Printer Blake & Hargreaves Pty Ltd, Sydney
Price: £2.00
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