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Specialist Stamps of Australia

This section covers specialist items from 1913 to date (want straightforwardstamps?).  This includes Australian stamp varieties and flaws, imprint blocks, plate blocks, missing colours, coil joins etc. The stamps illustrated are the actual items you will receive.

We have thousands of items yet to be listed so if you are looking for something you cannot find please give us a call on 020 8657 4851 or email Steve Irwin Stamps

Australian Kangaroo & Map Series
Kangaroo and Map Series specialist items including varieties, blocks, SPECIMEN overprints, inverted watermarks etc
Australian KGV Engraved Stamps
1913-14 King George V Engraved stamps of Australia include plate and imprint block, varities and retouches
Australian KGV Heads 1d Red Shades
A beautiful selection of Penny Red shades many with Certificates includes Orange-Brown (OS) on rough paper, Salmon Eosin and Pink Salmon Eosin - you won't see many finer!
Australian KGV Heads - Mint
Specialist King George V Heads including the main and check varieties in singles and positional pieces, imprint blocks, monogram pieces etc - in mint condition
Australian KGV Heads - Used
Specialist King George V Heads including the main flaws 'Secret Mark', 'Flaw under Neck' etc as well as many other varieties in singles and positional pieces - used
Australian KGV Commemoratives
King George V commemoratives, 1914 to 1938; includes plate blocks and number, imprint blocks and varieties
Australian KGVI Definitives
Specialist items from the KGVI period - 1937 to 1952; including varieties, imprint blocks, SPECIMEN overprints, coil pairs and much more
Australian KGVI Commemoratives
Australian King George VI Commemoratives - Imprint blocks, perfins and positional variety pieces
Australia BCOF Japan Stamps & Proofs
Australian British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan overprints on stamps of Australia - imprint blocks, varieties, trial overprints and proofs
Australian QEII Pre-Decimals
Pre-decimal stamps, 1953 to 1965, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II; a good selection of varieties in positional blocks
Australian Decimals
Australian decimal stamps from 1966 to date; includes variety blocks, coil pairs and strips, offsets, gutters and roll joins
Australian Official (OS) Stamps
Australia Official Service (OS) stamps, including varieties and imprint blocks
Australian Postage Dues
A selection of Australian Postage Dues including flaws and selvedge strips
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