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Australian WWII Civil Censor Covers
UK Discounted Cheap Stamps

Australian Year Books, Framas, Stamp Replica Cards, Counter Printed Stamps & Across Town Labels

Australian Special Edition Collections
'Heritage in Stamps' series booklets, Bicentennial Collection sets and special limited edition collections
Australian Framas
Australian Framas: Button sets, individual cliches and varieties including cylinder joins, strips, inverted papers, missing postcodes etc
Australian Counter Printed Stamps
Australian Counter Printed Stamps, threaten species and koalas & kangaroos from a range of postal outlets
Australian Stamp Replica Cards
Facsimiles of famous or unissued stamps issued on presentation cards produced for the Australian Philatelic Federation; reasonably priced and attractive collecting area
Australian Postage Paid Labels
The 1991 Sydney and Perth Across Town parcel labels were an experimental issue used for in-town only parcel post. Box Link Labels, issued in 1992, were used between post office box holder to post office box holder in inner city Melbourne and Sydney. Both systems were short lived.
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