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Expertisation of the Shades of Australian KGV Heads

Do you have a KGV Head Penny (1d) red which looks to be a different shade from the others in your collection, but not sure what it is?  The shades of the 1d red are a fascinating collecting area but can be a bit daunting to begin with as it can be difficult to tie up the shades of the stamps with the descriptive colour name. Shades also need to be checked in certain UV light ranges in order to test their reaction.

To verify the shades of the stamps we offer we use the services of Dr Scott Starling (more information on Scott below), one of the leading experts in the shades of the Australian KGV Heads. Scott is now offering his services to the wider public and can offer expert services for the shades and varieties of the 1d reds and 4d oranges (other values upon application). Scott will issue a certificate of opinion on stamps where it will be worthwhile:

Certificates: AU$25 each
Opinion without certificate: AU$5 per stamp

To contact Scott please email

Professional Career:
PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sydney.
Scott has worked in diverse fields such as diabetes research, sports drug testing and in the pharmaceutical industry.  He then a long period working in the field of dyes and pigments, their synthesis and applications.  Scott says 'this is where my interest in the shades of stamps originated and I have brought across much that I have learned about the nature and measurement of colour to the field of philately".
Philatelic Credentials:
Member of the Australian Commonwealth Collectors' Club of NSW  which has a very active KGV Heads study circle.

Authored articles for philatelic publications in the area of stamp conservation and recently into aspects of the Australian KGV Heads. 

Currently writing monthly columns for the magazines The Australian Stamp News and Australian Stamps Professional.

Scott is based in New South Wales, Australia.
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