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Australian Kangaroo Stamps

Kangaroo & Map Stamps - Single Crown Third Watermark

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SG 35 ACSC 7(2)e. Kangaroo 2d Grey die I (AKS/31)
With variety "Scratch from first "E" of "PENCE" to map" - 2L28
Price: £15.00
SG 35c ACSC 7(2)f. Kangaroo 2d Silver-Grey die I, shiny paper (AKS/32)
With variety "Scratch from value circle through map to T of "POSTAGE"" - 2L34
Price: £25.00
SG 35c ACSC 7(2)i. Kangaroo 2d Silver-Grey die I, shiny paper (AKS/33)
With variety "Extra islands around Tasmania" - 2R43
Price: £50.00
SG35d 1915-28 2d Kangaroo (AK3/15)
With "Seventeenth line above and to the west of Albany missing between coast and left frame" variety Plate 3 right pane stamp 51
Price: £20.00
SG 36 ACSC 11(2)d. Kangaroo 2½d Deep Blue (AKS/34)
With variety "Heavy coastline to W.A." - Various
Price: £100.00
Price: £150.00
SG 40b ACSC 33(4)d. Kangaroo 1/- Blue-Green die IIb (AKS/1)
With variety "Top frame broken over first "A" of "AUSTRALIA"" - 4L1
Price: £85.00
SG 40b 1915-28 1/- Kangaroo (AK3/26)
With "LI of SHILLING deformed" variety Plate 4 left pane stamp 11
Price: £75.00
SG 42b 1915-28 5/- Kangaroo (AK3/52)
With "Broken tail on kangaroo" variety
Price: £125.00
SG 42a ACSC 44(D)d. Kangaroo 5/- Grey and Orange (AKS/43)
With variety "Broken coast near Sydney, and break in right frame 3.5mm from top" - L2
Price: £475.00
SG 42 1915-28 5/- Kangaroo (AK3/33)
With "Broken coast near Sydney" variety L6
Price: £300.00
SG 42a ACSC 44(D)h. Kangaroo 5/- Grey and Orange (AKS/44)
With variety "Spencer's Gulf elongated and curved" - L36
Price: £475.00
SG 42c ACSC 44(V)e. Kangaroo 5/- Grey and Pale Yellow (AKS/45)
With variety "Broken tail on kangaroo" - L4,9,12,R27
Price: £275.00
SG 75s(C) ACSC 53xf. Kangaroo £1 Grey SPECIMEN Type C (AKS/47)
Overprinted SPECIMEN Type C - sub-type 2 (shaved "P")
Price: £425.00
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