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August 2018 New Issues
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Kangaroo & Map Stamps - C of A Watermark

This is our specialist Australian Kangaroo section -  for more straightforward Kangaroos click here

SG 132 1931-36 6d Kangaroo Ash imprint block of 4 (AK5/2)
With "White hairline from value circle to map" variety Plate 3 left pane stamp 54
Price: £275.00
SG 134 ACSC 40(1)l. Kangaroo 2/- Maroon block of 4 (AKS/2)
With variety "Cut throat kangaroo" - 1R25
Price: £37.50
Price: £85.00
SG 134 ACSC 40(2)z. Kangaroo 2/- Maroon imprint block of 4 (AKS/6)
Ash imprint block of 4 - N over N (Plate 2)
Price: £25.00
Price: £50.00
Price: £50.00
Price: £35.00
Price: £100.00
SG 212 1945 2/- Kangaroo pair (AK5/118)
By Authority imprint - left corner - pair
Price: £20.00
Price: £75.00
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