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Australian WWII Civil Censor Covers
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New Zealand Stamps, Specialist Items, First Day Covers and Life Insurance Stamps

Select from our range of New Zealand King George VI and Queen Elizabeth pre-decimal and decimal stamps.  Includes New Zealand including sets, miniature sheets, strips, booklet stamps, postage dues; specialist specialist pieces including varieties, imprint blocks and New Zealand Counter Coil Pairs under 'New Zealand Specialist Stamps'.

New Zealand General
New Zealand stamps gummed and self-adhesives, sets, miniature sheets, booklet stamps from 1937 to 2010
New Zealand Specialist
A wide range of KGVI and QEII counter coil pairs and plate blocks and varieties in Queen Elizabeth II pre-decimals and decimals
New Zealand Life Insurance Stamps & First day Covers
New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department Stamps. The Department gained the right to use its own stamps after disagreements with the Post Office. It chose to use lighthouses on its stamps as a symbol of safety
New Zealand First Day Covers
New Zealand FDCs 1930s to 2003, includes New Zealand Health Covers and New Zealand Official FDCs
New Zealand Booklets
New Zealand Booklets: complete stamp booklets from 1949 to 2008 including kiwi reprints
New Zealand Prestige Booklets
New Zealand Souvenir Miniature Sheet Stamp Booklets or Premium Booklets containing unique miniature sheets from one issue a year with illustrations and background to the stamps
New Zealand Official Stamps
New Zealand Official Stamps KGV 'Admiral' Stamps to 1961 final overprint issues
New Zealand Stamp Rewards
New Zealand Post awards unique stamp products as a thank you to regular customers, these items are not available over the counter
New Zealand Customised Advertising Labels (CALs)
New Zealand Customised Advertising Labels (CALs) designed to give businesses the opportunity to personalise their mail with an image to represent their business identity; also been used by philatelic societies as a means of raising revenue for stamp exhibitions
New Zealand Cinderellas
Cinderellas are anything that look like stamps but are not valid for official postal purposes. They include Exhibition and Commemorative Labels
New Zealand Framas
New Zealand Framas: 1984 Trial Issue, 1986 Map Paper,1988 Flag paper, 1990 NZ Exhibition paper, 1990 Sea Plane paper, 1992 Maori Design paper and 1992 Maori Design paper
New Zealand Revenues
New Zealand Revenues: Stamp Duty, Employment Relief, Social Security, Land & Deeds, Law Cout and other NZ Revenue stamps
New Zealand Stamp Collector & Presentation Packs
New Zealand Annual Collectors Pack, Presentation Packs Series 1 -3, Souvenir Stamp Pack and Touist Stamp Packs
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