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KGV 2022 Catalogue

Specialist Stamps of New Zealand 1967 to 1979

This is our specialist New Zealand decimals 1967-1979 section, including plate blocks, varieties etc.  For a full listing of general New Zealand stamps, miniature sheets and booklets, click here

SG 847 1967 2c Kowhai-Ngutu-Kaka block (NF1/3)
With "Retouch between legs of A of LAND" variety green plate 1A row 15 stamp 7
Price: £3.00
SG 848 1967 2½c Kowhai block (NF1/4)
With "Large white flew above D of LAND" variety blue plate 2B row 14 stamp 9
Price: £11.25
SG 849 1967 3c Puarangi strip (NF1/5)
Imperforate at right with right selvedge
Price: £250.00
SG 851 1967 5c Pikiarero block (NF1/7)
With "Large area of touching-up around Z of ZEAL" variety blue-green plate 1B row 4 stamp 9
Price: £15.00
SG 853 1967 7c Rata block (NF1/8)
With "Retouch to white flaw between leaves above left flower" variety green plate 1B row 9 stamp 1
Price: £14.25
SG 858 1967 25c Butter Making block (NF1/10)
With "White flaw below G of MAKING" variety brown plate 1A row 8 stamp 6
Price: £25.00
SG 881 1967 4c Centenary of the Royal Society of New Zealand block (NF1/14)
With "White blob under stem of fern" variety row 1 stamp 10 and "Defective W of NEW" variety row 2 stamp 8
Price: £5.00
SG 882 1967 8c Centenary of the Royal Society of New Zealand block (NF1/15)
With "Touch-up above head" variety row 1 stamp 10 and "Scratch on pocket" variety row 2 stamp 7
Price: £6.25
SG 917 1970 2½c Magpie Moth block (NF1/22)
With "Truncated left-most stalk in the top half of the stamp" variety green plate row 2 stamp 14
Price: £20.00
SG 918 1970 3c Lichen Moth block (NF1/23)
With "Retouched right margin; background under 3c" variety brown plate 1B row 2 stamp 14
Price: £2.75
SG 922 1970 7c Leather Jacket block (NF1/26)
With "White horizontal line of weakness above ZEAL" variety red plate 1A row 10 stamp 20
Price: £5.00
SG 924 1970 8c John Dory block (NF1/27)
With "Extensive retouch to right of ZEALAND" variety green plate 1B row 1 stamp 14
Price: £3.50
SG 925w 1970 10c Queen Elizabeth and New Zealand Coat of Arms plate block (NF1/28)
Plate number 1A 1A 1A 1A with watermark sideways inverted
Price: £175.00
SG 957 1971 4c on 2½c Magpie Moth block (NF1/34)
With bars at top right and 4c at lower left
Price: £750.00
Price: £25.00
SG 972 1972 3c International Vintage Car Rally block (NF1/35)
With "Bruised eye" variety plate 1a row 10 stamp 6
Price: £10.00
SG 978 1972 3c Centenary of Waganui Council Government block (NF1/36)
With "Purple flaw on 3 of 3c" variety plate 1A row 8 stamp 4
Price: £5.00
SG 980 1972 5c 25th Anniversary of National Airways Corporation block (NF1/37)
With "Broken front window strut" variety plate 1A row 4 stamp 3
Price: £5.00
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