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Rare and Unusual Stamps

This is a selection of our more rare and unusual items. This section will include die and plate proofs, missing colours, imperforate blocks, misplaced perforations and other scarce items

Australian SG 45s(B) £2 Black and Rose SPECIMEN Type B Kangaroo (AKGM/204)
Unmounted mint, centering very fine, condition fine
Price: £550.00
SG 48 ACSC 65(4)z., 65(4)zb., 65(4)r.,  KGV Head ½d Green double monogram strip of 24 (AHS/10)
With varieties "White flaw in right side of crown, White spot before "2" in right value tablet
Price: £1,000.00
SG 180 ACSC 182bh. 1d Emerald-Green Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) strip (AA1/41)
Coil strip of six including join uniformly large holes - Mounted Mint
Price: £300.00
SG 100 ACSC 107(4)j. KGV Head 3d Blue die I (AG4/74)
Corner block of 6 with "Retouched upper frame at right" plate 4 right pane 54 and Type B 4R60 with other primary and secondary flaws
Price: £525.00
Australian SG 138 £2 Black and Rose die II Kangaroo (AKGU/321)
Fine used, centering fine, condition fine
Price: £460.00
Australian SG 138 £2 Black and Rose, die II Kangaroo (AKGM/115)
Mounted mint, centering good, condition fine
Price: £2,750.00
SG 17 ACSC 59bi. KGV Head 1913 1d Engraved part imprint block of 4 (AESM/1)
Rare part imprint block with double perforation - Plate 2,3,4
Price: £500.00
SG 247 ACSC 253a. 3½d Brown-Purple Blue King George VI block (AA1/379)
Top left corner block of 8 on thin paper - Unmounted Mint
Price: £400.00
SG 89 ACSC 98(16)z. KGV Head 2d Red-Brown (AG4/6)
A.J. Mullett imprint block of 8
Price: £450.00
SG 957 1971 4c on 2½c Magpie Moth block (NF1/34)
With bars at top right and 4c at lower left
Price: £750.00
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