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Rare and Unusual Stamps

This is a selection of our more rare and unusual items. This section will include die and plate proofs, missing colours, imperforate blocks, misplaced perforations and other scarce items

SG 48 ACSC 65(4)z., 65(4)zb., 65(4)r.,  KGV Head ½d Green double monogram strip of 24 (AHSM/10)
With varieties "White flaw in right side of crown, White spot before "2" in right value tablet
Price: £1,000.00
SG 180 ACSC 182bh. 1d Emerald-Green Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) strip (AA1/41)
Coil strip of six including join uniformly large holes - Mounted Mint
Price: £300.00
SG 100 ACSC 107(4)j. KGV Head 3d Blue die I (AHSM4/74)
Corner block of 6 with "Retouched upper frame at right" plate 4 right pane 54 and Type B 4R60 with other primary and secondary flaws
Price: £525.00
SG 17 ACSC 59bi. KGV Head 1913 1d Engraved part imprint block of 4 (AESM/1)
Rare part imprint block with double perforation - Plate 2,3,4
Price: £500.00
SG 20b ACSC 63(3)h. KGV Head ½d Green (AHSUP/10)
With variety "Crack through S.W. corner" - 3L58
Price: £295.00
Price: £450.00
SG 957 1971 4c on 2½c Magpie Moth block (NF1/34)
With bars at top right and 4c at lower left
Price: £750.00
SG SB27 1938 2/- King George VI booklet (AB1/4)
Containing two panes of SG 184w
Price: £325.00
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