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SG 146 ACSC 150 1932 6d Kookaburra variety single (AG6/649)

Australia SG 146 ACSC 150 1932 6d Kookaburra variety single
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Australian 1932-1937 6d Kookaburra. Unwatermarked. ACSC 150

6d Red-Brown (Shades), with unlisted flaw "right frame thickened at centre". In June 1934 one of the five 2d plates developed a fault affecting stamp no. 5 of a left pane showing the re-entry (No. 151d), and pending immediate preparation of a new plate, printings were continued from the faulty one. Such sheets were distributed normally but with the corner pair of stamps removed, and bundles were specially labelled to indicate the sheet content was only 78. About 80,000 sheets were affected in this way and all examples of the removed stamp pairs were destroyed. Stamp no. 9 shows a thin top frame and weak adjacent lines for almost the whole extent. Stamp no. 6 shows a heavy wavy line 1mm off the lower left corner and it is believed the fault referred to was a cracked plate resulting from weakness or attempts to remedy the re-entry.

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