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Stamp Articles and Information

A series of occasional articles on Australian and New Zealand philately covering topics of interest and lists of stamps for easy access.

Australia Stamp Reprints
A full list of all the Australian Stamp Reprints
Australian Advertising Booklets 1960-1973
An illustrated list of the advertisements in the Australian Advertising Booklets of 1960-1973
Australian Aerophilately
Aerophilately or the collecting of philatelic items connected with flight has existed since almost the time of the first air flights...
Australian Stamp Booklets
Originally published in Gibbons Stamps Monthly, April 1995, this article traces the development of stamps booklets in Australia
Australian Stamp Gutter Strips, Blocks & Pairs
A brief history of marginal markings in Australian stamp sheet selvedges
Birds on Australian Stamps Part 1 1913 to 1999
A full listing of all stamps of Australia featuring birds Part 1: 1913 to 1999
Birds on Australian Stamps Part 2 2000 to date
A full listing of all stamps of Australia featuring birds Part 2: 2000 to date
Australian & New Zealand Olympic Stamps & Philatelic Items
Australian & New Zealand Olympic stamps, First Day Covers, Maximum Cards, Presentation Packs and other Olympic philatelic items.
Australian, Australian Territories & New Zealand Christmas Stamps
Christmas stamps, first day covers, booklets, aerogrammes, stamp replica cards & presentation packs from Australia, New Zealand and their territories
Expertisation of Australian KGV Head Shades - Dr Scott Starling
Got a KGV Penny Red that seems to be an unusual shade but not sure which one it is? Australian King George V Stamps Expertisation service offered by Dr Scott Starling, one of the leading experts in shade identification
Insects on Stamps
List of bugs, butterfiles, moths and other insects on stamps from Australia and New Zealand and their territories
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