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Australian Stamp Catalogues

Australian stamp collectors are fortunate in the range of catalogues covering the hobby. The best and most detailed of which are the Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue (Brusden White) catalogues. The catalogues include detailed listings of all printings including varieties and full pricing information.

Stanley Gibbons Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, 2011
Second-Hand (pre-used)
2nd Edition, 197 pages, 2011
Price: £7.50
Stanley Gibbons Cyprus, Gibraltar & Malta, 2014
Second-Hand (pre-used)
4th Edition, 183 pages, 2014
Price: £9.00
Stanley Gibbons Falkland Islands, 2016
Second-Hand (pre-used)
7th Edition, 77 pages, 2016
Price: £7.50
Stanley Gibbons Hong Kong, 2015
Second-Hand (pre-used)
5th Edition, 80 pages, 2015
Price: £6.75
Stanley Gibbons Ireland, 2015
Second-Hand (pre-used)
6th Edition, 106 pages, 2015
Price: £7.25
Stanley Gibbons New Zealand, 2010
Second-Hand (pre-used)
4th Edition, 148 pages, 2010
Price: £7.00
Stanley Gibbons Western Pacific, 2014
Second-Hand (pre-used)
3rd Edition, 302 pages, 2014
Price: £10.50
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