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Steve Irwin Stamps at Virtual Stampex

Virtual Stampex 1 - 3 October 2020

This autumn Stampex, the international stamp fair usually held in London, will be a virtual show. The 72 hour event will allow you to visit dealers, network, attend live and recorded webinars including Q&A sessions all from the comfort of your own home. A live chat function will be operational during the three days. Virtual Stampex remains open for viewing booths, links to shops and documents until October 28 2020, though live chat will only be available from 1 - 3 October.

We will be attending the show, please look out for our booth (picture above) or search for our name. We will available to 'chat' either via a text chat function or by video. So, if you have any questions about stock (we have a lot of yet unlisted items!), want advice about your collection or on selling items or would just like to say hello, please stop by!  We will be offering a 10% discount for all orders placed during the show (until October 28), stop by our booth to find the code.

You will need to register (email and name) for Stampex, it is free.

We hope to see you there!


Virtual Stampex is live 24 hours a day from the 1st–3rd October (UTC-8/GMT-8):

London: Open 08:00 on 1st Oct, closes 07:59 on 4th Oct 
New York: Open 04:00 on 1st Oct, closes 03:59 on 4th Oct
Los Angeles: Open 01:00 on 1st Oct, closes 00:59 on 4th Oct
Hong Kong: Open 16:00 on 1st Oct, closes 15:59 on 4th Oct
Sydney: Open 18:00 on 1st Oct, closes 17:59 on 4th Oct

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